IC Asset Managers (Ghana) Limited

Investment Outlook

This document contains trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information of IC Asset Managers (Ghana) Limited (“ICAMGH” or the “Firm”). Accordingly, this document is confidential and is intended solely for the individual or entity to which it is delivered by or on behalf of ICAMGH for information purposes only. Read more…

Rates Compass

With a grim fiscal outlook since the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price collapse, one would expect treasury yields to spike. Instead, yields on treasury securities have declined from 22.0% in March to 19.50% in May on account of an unprecedented monetary and fiscal stance at keeping financial conditions stableDownload PDF Read more…

CIO Letter – 1Q2019

Active fund managers often find transient market volatility to be thrilling as the short-term dislocations become stimuli for alpha. This was the case in 1Q2019 as we took advantage of the temporary dislocation in the yield curve brought on by currency weakness. Download PDF