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“Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases.” This old Swahili proverb has always been true, but it is even truer now in the world we find ourselves in.   We are only two decades into the Twenty-First Century but we have witnessed

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ESLA Opinion Report

The long awaited ESLA Bond has finally been opened to investors and as is expected with all novel products, the industry has received this announcement with mixed opinions. While risk-averse investors are concerned about the non- sovereign nature of the bond and the accompanying price guidance, pension fund managers are

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CIO Letter – 2Q2020

As lockdowns ease, the chasm between market irrational exuberance and the high level of uncertainty resulting from both the epidemiological and economic standpoint should unnerve long term investors. Global markets have rallied sharply from the panic-fueled sell-off at the end of March 2020, but the economic and pandemic reality underpins

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Investment Outlook

This document contains trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information of IC Asset Managers (Ghana) Limited (“ICAMGH” or the “Firm”). Accordingly, this document is confidential and is intended solely for the individual or entity to which it is delivered by or on behalf of ICAMGH for information purposes only.

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Bull’s Eye – 2Q2020

With a build-up in equity portfolio inflows since the start of the year amid improved corporate earnings, one would have expected a slightly bullish undertone to trading on the Accra bourse in 1Q2020. Instead, Ghanaian equities remain mired in negative territory (-4.3%) with losses quickly steepening in the closing sessions

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Rates Compass

With a grim fiscal outlook since the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price collapse, one would expect treasury yields to spike. Instead, yields on treasury securities have declined from 22.0% in March to 19.50% in May on account of an unprecedented monetary and fiscal stance at keeping financial conditions stableDownload PDF

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